Sunday, August 4, 2013

Behind Hipster & Cookies

I believe it obvious that my blog has flairs of another time period. One reminiscent of women living in the kitchen, where the household was ran by the wife, but the husband was the head of the household. Things are quite different now in 2013. Women work and go to school, and still have to find time to cook, clean, and care for the children of the family. I find that Hipsters harken back the the independent women of that era, that maintained their lifestyle in a forward thinking, devil-may-care attitude. They were ALWAYS authentic to what they believed in.

Sticking with the era where women ruled in the kitchen, many of those women I admire are amazing in the kitchen, both meals and baked goods. Cookies are my favorite treat to bake. However, mine are unique just like Hipsters are. My cookies, are moist, like brownies, thicker like a finely created mix between a brownie and a cake.

How these things fit me, are clear, the hipster part of me I feel should be clarified. Growing up I was a rebel, and I maintained individuality however battled with fitting in anywhere. Almost 15 years later, I have finally become quite comfortable with my non-conformist ways. I enjoy being unique, but not so far out there, that I'm not business partner worthy, or do things for shock factor. I am proud of finally being able to be authentic with other people, but more importantly - with myself.

I believe fully that Authenticity Rocks; And it is my desire to influence women to that same acceptance in their own lives, while, pushing other women to find that peace within themselves as well.

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