Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shabby Apple - Simply Delicious!

Dresses from Shabby Apple

I am so excited to announce that I won a raffle at the blog "Army Tankers Wife," for a $50 Gift Card to Shabby Apple.  As soon as I received the code, I placed my order for the Wild Berry Pie apron.  I am totally pleased with the ordering system they have in place.  It is very simple to navigate through.  Also, From the time I was notified about winning, it only took the business day to receive the code to my gift card.  I am looking forward to getting this terrific gift in the mail.  Upon receiving, I will be doing another post with pictures, and share the fun with all of you.  I am so pleased with the style that Shabby Apple has to offer.  And because of that, am pleased to announce that I am now an affiliate of Shabby Apple!  I am a total supporter of their epic retro designs, and the quality of style that they have.  Let me know if you enjoy them as much as I do!!  #ShabbyApple 

Authenticity Rocks,

Sheila Lynne

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