Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Scheduled Family Is A Happy Family

I haven't ever been a scheduled woman, I am prompt, and follow my own drummer, however; now that I am getting back to school, I need a working schedule for myself and my family.  Without it, I am sure school will not go well at all, this is the schedule that I have come up with.

7:00 Wake, Pray, Make Bed

7:15 Spiritual Reading, Check Calendar

7:30 Shower, Dress, Fix Hair and Make-up

7:45 Check Email, Post Blog Entry

8:00 Set table, load dishwasher, start breakfast

8:15 Wake kids, supervise room tidying and bed making, potty-time/change diapers

9:00 Zone cleaning, unload dishwasher from previous night, de-clutter (5 minutes each)

9:15 Clean up after breakfast, load dishwasher, give kids activity to do

10:15 Outside time

11:15 Inside kids help unload dishwasher and “reboot” laundry

NOON Lunch, read to kids, do dinner prep, prepare naptime water cups

12:45 Brush teeth

1:00 Kids naptime

1:30 Next days’ blog

2:30 Check homework plan

3:00 Wake/feed/playtime Scarlet

4:00 Wake kids potty time/change diapers

4:15 Snack, Dinner prep, “hot spots” 5 minute “room rescue”

5:00 Homework

5:45 Feed Scarlet

6:00 Dinner

6:45 Brush teeth, Kids pj’s

7:00 Clean Kitchen/Dining Room/Run Dishwasher

7:30 Empty Trash can, lay out clothes

7:45 Make morning cups, prep breakfast/Check locks

8:00 Homework

10:00 Spend time together, talk, read

11:00 Sleep

I have taken years finding one that I stick to, I am praying that I stick to this one, I am implementing it slowly but surely.  I live by the saying, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."  And right now, this hipster momma ain't happy.  Over the years I have began reading several blogs by mothers.  Do you have a household schedule?  What have you found that works for you?   If you could give a fellow reader a tip, when beginning a schedule; What would that advice be?

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