Thursday, August 15, 2013

How Many Times...

Sister, don’t you rename yourself. You see a tiny portion of your life; you do not see the entire story. Don’t name your day or your life or your identity based on any untruth about the Lord. You don’t know what happens next in your story, but you absolutely know the Lord wants good for you all the days of your life. You absolutely can bet on the truth that you are loved with an everlasting Love and you have a Father who will take care of all that you need.

Wait for the Lord. Wait for Him to turn the page before you rename yourself.

Was, the message today during my devotional study, Particularly important because of my desire to push myself in an authentic way everyday.  Please, Take a moment to read

  • Ruth 1

  • Ruth 4:13-17

May there be a message of hope for you there as well.  You can read it easily, here.  Now, on to my post for the day.  :)

I wasn't expecting to do a post today, not even one bit...

But like the lyrics in my new favorite song, "Well, everybody's got a story to tell / And everybody's got a wound to be healed / I want to believe there's beauty here / 'Cause oh, I get so tired of holding on / I can't let go, I can't move on / I want to believe there's meaning here ... Though I walk, Though I walk through the shadows / And I, I am so afraid / Please stay, please stay right beside me / With every single step I take / How many times have you heard me cry out? / And how many times have you given me strength?"  - "Need You Now (How Many Times)" - By: Plumb.

While reading today's devotion from She Reads Truth, God gave  me a very clear message reinforced by the beautiful music shared above.  He has been my strength time and time again though-out my life.  In good times, and in the darkness, He has been there.  Even now, when my soul cries out to Him, "I need You now!"  He is there, I may not have had my answer until today.  But He has chosen to bless me with the most beautiful message I could have ever have hoped for from my Father.  He is there, and He has given me strength.  He named me Sheila-Lynne.

He blessed me with the strength, to carry on.  He has stood right beside me, while I chose to give up my older boys for adoption.  He stood beside me giving me strength, while my children and I were homeless; me having been pregnant with my youngest at the time.  I have walked through the shadows, indeed.  But God's glorious light, has seen me into the light.  He granted me strength, countless  times.

Our Heavenly Father wants to be there for us, He wants our praises constantly.  Not only should we sing His praises when everything in our lives is going well, but we should give praise, for the strength He grants, while we are struggling and on our knees in the dark.

It is my prayer today, that if you are on a hard road; and you feel all alone... Remember, He is there with you, guiding you.  You just need to keep going, trust that His will is to guide you to where you need to be in your life.  If you are afraid and alone - please seek out your sisters in faith and we will pray together.  For our Father to give you the strength you need to make it through the difficult times you are having.

May God Bless these words, and I pray they seek out someone who is in much need to hear the message,  that needs the strength of our Savior and His Father while they are in the dark, and seeking out God's love and His light.

Authenticity Rocks,